How to Meet a Nice Jewish Girl in College

How to Meet a Nice Jewish Girl in College

How To Meet A Nice Jewish Girl


So you want to meet a nice Jewish Girl???Finding a nice Jewish boy or girl to be your mate is hard enough, but finding one when you’re away at a new school can be even more challenging. Opening your horizons to new experiences will help you find that special someone. Just one or two pushes in the right direction, and you’ll be well on your way to finding a mate that shares your philosophy of life and the Jewish lifestyle.

Join a Jewish campus organization. Many large schools have religious organizations, and oftentimes there are more than one that are Jewish. If you are a Reform Jew, the organization Kesher might be right for you. Koach is a Conservative Jewish organization that has branches throughout the U.S. at many major universities. The National Conference of Synagogue Youth is the Orthodox organization that has branches at colleges and universities across America. Getting involved in one of these organizations will bring your closer to meeting a Jewish mate in your college.

Visit a local temple or synagogue. If your college is too far away from home for you to visit the temple you grew up with, find a local temple that is to your liking. You can visit several until you find one that has the right “feel” to it. Most importantly, make sure it has a thriving youth community, so you have people your age to relate to. More youth at your temple means more opportunity for you to meet a potential mate that has something in common with you.

Finding that special someone is hard enough. But what do you do if she doesn’t immediately return your affection? If you think you’ve found “the one,” there are certain things you can do to sweep a girl off her feet … and you don’t even need martial arts training.

Let her know you exist. It’s hard to win her affection if she doesn’t know you’re available. Make your presence known when you see her in public. Bump into her accidentally at the store, library or bar.

Look for something unique about her that you can mention. Girls have heard the lines a million times, so stay away from complimenting her eyes or smile. Instead, tell her how cute her freckles are, how nice her hair smells or how infectious her laugh is.

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Meet Someone New

Meet someone new in order to get out of your current “rut” and expand your prospects… Many times in life you will find yourself in a rut the monotony of your daily existence can seem like to much to bear. Many guys find themselves becoming bored and mindlessly performing the same actions day in and day out which often leads to becoming less satisfied with life and consequently having less motivation to do the things they need to do in order to succeed and feel fulfilled in life. That’s when “stirring the pot” and adding someone new to the mix can bring an extra boost of excitement back into your daily living. So if you are feeling this way make it a point to meet someone new today! Heck make it a point to meet someone new everyday for the next 7 days and at the end of the 7 days you will have new and exciting adventures to keep you happy engaged and motivated for a long time to come. Want a Bad Ass Advantage??? Check this out CLICK HERE. So go ahead go out and meet someone new today, then leave us a comment describing your experience. Cheers! 

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How do I know what to talk to girls about????

This is not as difficult to figure out as it sounds. First and foremost if it does not feel ”right” when you are talking about it, it’s not a good subject. In other words if you find yourself questioning your choice of subject, then it is not a good subject for you talk to a girl about. When talking to a girl…any girl you are interested in getting to know you should choose topics that you can speak intelligently about and have some cross gender appeal in other words just because you know everything there is to know about the world of Skyrim does not mean that it is a good subject to bring up to a girl you are getting to know…unless you know that this is a topic she is already interested in, in that case this would be the ideal topic to speak of, one it is something that you are knowledgeable of and a subject that interest her! Another thing to remember when talking to girls is to be “authentic” authenticity will give you a big edge over guys that are coming across as “fake” when they are pretending they have a clue about something they have no clue about just to impress a girl!!!

Or you can skip all that and get right to the point CHECK THIS OUT, You will never Again ask yourself “How Do I know what to talk to girls about?”…Because you won’t have to…AMAZING!!!!

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Colombian Girls

Colombian GirlsColombian Girls…So you want to know where to meet Colombian girls??

Many guys know that Latin or south American women are renown for their beauty but did you also know that now may guys are going online to meet and even marry Latin women. There are a few sites that claim to cater to this type of guy looking for a serious relationship with the Latin women of his dreams, but the Grandaddy of all these sites is a full service operation which will handle everything from the introduction to even arranging travel visas and providing tours where guys will travel abroad to meet and greet the Colombian Girls of their dreams.

A friend recommended I take a look at the site after he came back from a very successful tour in which he met dozens of Colombian women which he claims were all Tens!!!

If you want to check for yourself visit and leave your comments below, we want to know what you think!!!

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OK So I Met A Girl, What Now??

I had my 8 yr old nephew ask me this question. After thinking about it for a second it became obvious to me that this is a question on a lot of guy’s minds! The answer is… Wait for it…Here it comes…. TALK to her!!!

Most guys don’t date not because they are not able to but because they don’t ask!!!! So when you do meet a girl you are interested in don’t be shy talk to her, I know you are nervous, you feel the anxiety in the pit of your stomach, my nephew says “I feel like throwing up”  the only way to get around this is to practice talking to girls, remember she is also nervous about meeting a new person.

A few good things to remember are: dont be gimmicky be yourself if you find you don’t have anything in common with her then it’s best to ”keep it moving” otherwise you are in for a world of pain establishing a relationship with a girl that you will have to always “fake out” to impress… Something else that always improves you chances of getting that right girl to pay attention to you and speak to you is PERSONAL HIGIENE I cannot stress how important this is and how hurt you will be approaching a girl if you don’t smell and look CLEAN invest in a nice cologne or Body spray AX will work just fine and it’s cheap…Often times girls will smell you before they see you and if you smell like a pair of old gym socks good luck ever getting out from under that first impression. SO LOOK FRESH SMELL FRESH AND TALK TO HER!

Next time I’ll tell you what kills your chances talking to girls you meet online…

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